Things to do in Oxfordshire this weekend, 15th and 16th March

Ah, one glimpse of sunshine and then it was taken away again, but at least it managed to time the nice weather for the weekend. We hope you made the most of it and went out and about in this beautiful county of ours – did you do something nice? Please add it to our listings if it’s not already there, then other Mumsnetters can enjoy it too!

Are you looking for something to do this coming weekend? Good news, our listings are looking pretty busy, so, as ever, we’ll offer you the pick of the bunch, but don’t forget to check out our “What’s On in Oxfordshire” pages over on our website. Or join in the discussion over at the talk boards where we have competitions to win tickets to three different events at the Oxfordshire Science Festival!

Win tickets to Jim Al-Khalili talking about Quantum Biology

Win tickets to ‘Quantum Biology – a talk with Jim Al-Khalili’

Win a ticket to 'Visualise'

Win Family ticket to ‘Visualise’ – where magic & phsyical theatre meet science

Win tickets to 'Converscience - an evening of science & wit'

Win tickets to ‘Converscience – an evening of science & wit’

Oxfordshire Science Festival, 7th –  23rd March 2014

A massive variety of events happening across the coming weeks, many of them are free and we have tickets to give away for three of the most popular ticketed events. Why not pop along and check some of them out? An inventive and exciting look at science for all ages. Get your hands and minds busy exploring, questioning and discussing during the celebration of science. With over 100 events to choose from OSF 2014 offers something for everyone – young or old, expert or novice, fan or phobic!

Young & strange - magic, comedy, illusion

Young & strange – magic, comedy, illusion

Young and Strange – Magic, Comedy & Illusion, 15th March, 7pm
Didcot Cornerstone, 8 years – adult
Young and Strange are illusionists who are also great stage show performers. The act is shot through with comedy, making it all round entertainment. The tricks are also very clever, featuring very good sleight of hand and an incredible surprise ending!

They have appeared on ITV1’s prime time magic show Penn and Teller’s ‘Fool Us’, and ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ (see the video clip on our web site). So if you fancy a great night out with the family, ooh-ing and aaah-ing at tricks and surprises that you’d see on prime-time TV then look no further.

Oxfordshire gallery trails app launch

Oxfordshire gallery trails app launch

Museum Trails Oxfordshire App Launch, 15th March, 10.30am – 3.30pm
Oxfordshire Wide, all ages
Join us for the launch of our gallery trail app, unlocking a whole new perspective on Oxford’s past. Journey through Explore Oxford and listen to sounds, view pictures and answer questions to solve our anagram!

Also families can come along and make character masks of some of Oxford’s most iconic people and learn more about them in the museum.Come along with your phones and tablets (iPhone compatible only during launch, Android available at later date. Check back to our website for further details) and enjoy a fun day out Exploring Oxford in a whole new way.

FREE in Explore Oxford & the Heritage Learning Centre.

Burford Mumsnet Meet up

Burford Mumsnet Meet up

Mumsnet Oxfordshire meet-up, Burford
10 am, Burford Garden Centre
Perhas you fancy some intelligent conversation and light banter? Our Burford Local Ambassador has arranged a coffee morning at the Burford Garden Centre, which we are reliably informed has a good cafe and play area for small people, plus lots of twigs and pebbly shit for the discerning Mumsnetter!




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